How to Become a Platinum Recording Artist

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To become a platinum recording artist, make connections with important people in the music industry, play a lot of shows, get songs on the Internet, and create a few catchy songs that are easy to market. Develop a cool image to generate interest and sell more records with advice from a musician and band member in this free video on musicians.

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In this next clip, we're going to talk about how to become a platinum selling artist. There are a lot of different ways to become a platinum selling artist, and none of them are easy, and all of them take a lot of work, so make sure that you know that before you start doing it, because there's going to be a lot of hard work going into it. One of the ways you can do it, is about connections. A lot of bands can work really hard, do different things, but sometimes, it's about who you know. Sometimes you'll know someone, who knows someone who's in the business, someone who's maybe a producer, a manager. If there's anything like that, and there are people in high places that can help you out, that will definitely get you there quicker. It's still not going to be easy, but it definitely helps. If you do shows, people take interest, that are in the music industry, they'll help you out, and bring you into the business. The second way to do it, when you're first starting out, is to really play shows. Get out there, just get exposed as much as you can. If you can play a lot of shows, get your music out there, sell a lot of records, like for instance, if you have your songs on iTunes, or anything like that, and you get a lot of hits on iTune, a lot of people are buying your songs, record labels are going to take notice of that. They're going to notice that you're selling a lot of songs, and they're going to want you to be on their label, or if you're on MySpace, which is very common, and a lot of people are going to your MySpace page, they're downloading your songs, they're checking it out, and you're getting thousands and thousands of people everyday, again, record labels are going to take notice of that, so those are the ways you can get started, about getting on a label, but now, you run into a whole other set of problems, or obstacles to get over. In order to sell, and be a platinum selling artist, there are a lot of things you have to have. One, you need to have, or at least one, or a few if you can, catchy songs, songs that are going to be on the radio, songs that can be marketed, put in the movies, on television, things like that. That's how a lot of artists get to platinum, is because they have a hit record, because they have a hit song. It's on the movie, on a television show. Also it's very helpful to have an image, a very important thing to have an image. If people like the way you look, if people dig the way you look, and then that kind of thing, it really helps you to get to that point, because you're getting a lot of exposure, and if obviously, a lot of girls are crazy about you, that's always a good thing, so those are some of the many things you can do to become a platinum selling artist.


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