How to Fold a Paper Cube

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To fold a paper cube, use a square piece of paper, crease each fold thoroughly, and tuck in the last corners for a seamless effect. Create a paper cube, which can be turned into a paper dice, with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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We're going to find out how to make a paper cube today, except we'll make it a little bigger. Colored paper if you have it, make sure it's on the bottom side, if it's a same side color doesn't make much difference. Fold diagonal up so you're forming a triangle. Do this on both angles, so you'll form an X in your paper. Then you open up your paper and you're going to fold it in a rectangle in half, crease it, and then do it the other way. So you're going to have and X and a cross in your paper. Soon as you're done you'll open that up and fold the edge to the inside center line. And fold this down inside center line. Open them up and fold it the other way. So you're going to have sixteen squares in there. So it'll be like that. Your next step is to take, turn the paper so the point is towards you, bring it up to that intersection so you kind of have this edging here, that's as far as you want to go, you're not going to go as far as the point. And do this on all four corners. So your paper is going to have all those folds. Next you want to train the inside four corners, so you're going to make sure almost like it's a little box kind of a thing, you're going to train it to be inside, maybe re-crease them, all four corners. But you'll notice in between these four corners that there's this dent in here, those also have to be brought in. So you're going to do that on all four sides. So you're going to have eight altogether. So it'll be like this. So that's pretty folded up and coming in. To get this started to fold it you need to focus on this bigger triangle that you had, 1/4 of your paper. So what you're going to do is bring it to the center and kind of pinch that in and make sure these come out to a point. That's going to be the starting of your cube. One of the sides. And what we're going to be building off of is kind of, oops, this bottom square, you see the two folds here and I've already got the two edges. So you pinch it in and these two corner folds, you're going to tuck them down in, and if you have your creases really done fine they should just pop right in for you, crease right in. Always maintaining the size of your square is what's going to help. Now see this would be more of the bottom and I've pinched these into the side. So what you're going to do then is kind of left to right, this inside part here, you're going to bring that in and bring this one in. So you've got like a tall milk carton kind of a thing. We're down to these four, or two, corners where they inverted in and so you're going to pinch it down in. And in that first area you're going to tuck this in like that, and the next area you're going to do this first inside flap. You're going to pinch this together, oops got to hold your box together, pinch it in and guide it and tuck it in. And a little bit further here, and make sure it's all in our creases. And there you go, you've got a giant-size box and a small one. Cubes brought to you by Lynn Reynolds. Have a great day.


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