How to Make Paper Moccasins

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To make paper moccasins, gather the necessary materials, including a paper back, masking tape, a pair of scissors, a ruler, a marker and cardboard. Put together paper moccasins to complete a costume with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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I'm going to show you how to make a paper moccasin. What you'll need is a paper bag, masking tape, a pair of scissors, a ruler, and a marker or a pen something that you can mark with and your foot, straight on the paper with socks on, make sure that you are about a quarter or an inch and a quarter from the bottom of your paper, that's where your heel should be and what you do then with your pencil or pen is trace around your foot. Now what you need to do is have a half inch mark up here from your big toe mark a half inch and then where it is the widest on your foot you just kind of eyeball that to see where it is the widest and you need a quarter inch mark here and a quarter inch mark on the outside there. What you are going to do is bring your ruler perpendicular to the bottom of your paper and I am going to draw the lines, same thing here. Now from this point which is the toe you are going to draw an angle and eventually bring it into that line that you have drawn. The same thing with the other one. Start with that half inch, keeping it about a quarter inch and you bring that down just like that. Alright so what you do is you have this and this is your inside part so you will be bringing that down and fold it and then you are going to cut and this will be coming over this way. Now what you need is the top part of your shoe so your foot can get in and then you get out your ruler, know where your middle part is so this width here is about four and a half so that would be two and a quarter and I am just going to make a couple marks at two and a quarter and from this line I need to, that is just to get me the center. I need a two inch cut in here so I am going to make the mark an inch over and an inch over the same thing up a little higher and I am going to draw these lines about two thirds of the way up, you just kind of measure that and actually figure that out and I am just going to kind of eyeball it there and the same thing here and then this will be for your fringe so you are going to want to draw the edge across and probably give yourself a good couple inches or two and a half inches. I guess I'll go with two and a quarter sounds good, two and a quarter and draw that. So what we need to do now is just this one piece here you are going to cut all the way up to that top corner, the same thing on the other side and you will get rid of this part right here. Open it up and you have got one more measurement to do. You are going to be about an inch in and you are going to want your two inch here because this is about continuing the back side. We will do an inch and a half, I think that will work about an inch and a half in, and that's already half so an inch and a half in so what you are going to do is cut, you can draw your line but if you are a good cutter you can just follow those lines up to the back part of your foot just like that. Now to put this together fold it back down and then you'll take one long piece on the one outside edge overlap it, up to the curve, turn this over and fold that down and for your curved pieces I like to have my pieces a little precut, maybe about an inch or so so where the fold starts I'm going to put that here at an angle and I'll have my next piece overlap it a little bit and that will help you get your curve and you do this all the way around the edge of your moccasin so that would give you the front part of getting your foot in there. As you can see this would be coming up, actually before we do that let's fold our flap down and you can just leave it plain like that, you can take it and fringe it, you could also take a little scrap and make a bow and glue that down if you'd like. To hold it down I probably would use a little bit of glue or some double sided tape to hold that down a little bit better. Now you come to the back end of your foot and what you are going to do is where you had your splits here you are going to bring this around just like that so once again you would bring it around like this and obviously you would do it more with your foot in there because you know exactly how big you need to do that, overlap it and tape it, tape it a little bit on the inside and make sure it is secure and then the last thing that you do is bring this up from the back side and there you go. There's your paper moccasins. Have fun.


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