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Paper animals can easily be made by drawing out the side profile of the animal, adorning the inside with details and features, and using fancy scissors to create texture. Create paper animals with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

Today I am going to show you a couple of ideas for paper animals. Now the simplicity of it is you just fold it in half and draw your animal from the side. What you want is some nice good heavy card stock. It could be plain white and you just color it and decorate it up but basically you fold it in half, the length that you need and the width that you need and draw your animal on and I have cut most of this crocodile out but I have saved the fun part. These scissors here are those fancy edged scissors and on the side edge you see it has a little ridge to it and crocodiles usually have a bit of a bumping happening and alligators have it on the backs of their backs so I wanted to use this to give it a little bit of texture like that but be careful that you don't cut off its spine here, the backbone and the little bit I am going to catch on the edge to the back of his eyes. The last place that I want to do his cut is for his mouth for his ferocious teeth so what we are going to do is cut into my dot that I have there and cut the other way and we are going to have his mouth nice and open just like that. So you have your little ridge here on and the ridge of the mouth. Now before you make it stand up you can take and draw its little eyes on there, maybe its nostrils, do it on both sides, whatever the extra detail you want maybe a leg showing more of his leg here and then I would like to take a little piece of tape, double side tape or glue will work. I am going to bring his tail in so it will stay in, fold that in a little dab of glue will do that and you just open them up wide a little bit and there you go. There's your little paper crocodile. I also have a pig one that I just want to show you really quick. If you carefully open your scissors and you could roll this by hand too if you want but you just lay whatever it is just like what you do for ribbons, just kind of train the paper and if this one works off then all I have to do is cut this little guy off my back up tail just like that but what I'd like to do is add the little bit of ears and I kind of accentuated. They usually have big ears. So I have two pieces of this around the fold and one end is pointier and so what I am going to do is clip up about a third of the way and I'm going to lie these down because I want the ears to be opposite and either a little dab of glue or a piece of double sided tape and what I am going to do is put the tape on one piece and I am going to cross this inside so it gives me the curve. Now because we don't need that crossing over I'm just going to clip that off around the ear a little bit better and then another piece of a little tape on the back side, adjust where the ears would go and put that in. If you have got your little curly tail you could also like the alligator and the crocodile put a little piece of tape in there and I have a blue pig and a white pig. There are so many other animals that you can do, just think about them, how they look from the side, crease your paper in half, draw it and then cut it out. Have a great day. Thanks.


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