How to Make a Paper Sword

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To make a paper sword to use as a prop or a toy, simply role a piece of newspaper into a long narrow tube that is tapered at one end, and fold back a corner of newspaper to create a handle guard. Make a paper sword with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

I'm here today to show you how to do a fun thing like make a paper sword. What a great time. Here is a regular sheet of paper and what you are going to want to, or a section of newspaper and you are going to want to make sure you have at least six pages in there because you want your little sword to be strong so you will open up your newspaper and you take a pencil to get yourself started, just go into one of the corners here and you're going to roll it up. Now don't roll it straight like that. What you want is a little more parallel angle with the bottom of your paper and you are not going to leave this pencil in the whole time but it is good to get you started, a nice tight roll and as soon as you are losing the sight of your pencil you can take your pencil out and continue rolling your paper. What you are going to do is leave yourself about four or five inches right like this and we're going to get some, you could use masking tape or regular Scotch tape. We are going to get a section of tape. Let me back this up just a little bit and about the middle of your sword you are going to take and tape it down. Before I tape it all the way down I am going to take and do a little trim here because I am going to need some of that to make the handle of my sword so just like that. You have got it all rolled up and you have this flat. Now this will be about the width of the child's hand or your hand if you are doing a Halloween party and you need a sword real quick, you can take it and make one for your own self so the width of the hand and what we are going to do then because remember before I came all the way down I clipped in and then I allowed that to go back to the sword. What I am going to do now because your handle is going to be down here and I need this to cover my hand and my hand is going to be down here so what I am going to do is trim this almost half way down and I'm going to get my hand in the sword and then this will be able to come down here and be my cover. So before I can tape that I am going to get myself a couple of premade pieces of tape, once again masking tape or Scotch tape will work just fine. So I am going to hold my sword how I am going to want it. I am going to reach back here and grab my little flap and hold that and tape it to secure it and I will probably run one right up here too to help hold that down. Now one more thing that is kind of unique because even though the strength of your sword is here this is kind of weak down here because there is not enough newspaper so we're going to get a stronger handle here. We are going to take and fold this up a little bit and it will give us something maybe a little bit taller, bring it up underneath your protective shield on your hand just like that and run some tape around there to secure it for you and that will give you a stronger handle just like that. Arr.


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