How to Make a Star Out of Paper

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Making a paper star involves cutting half-inch-wide strips of paper that are 12 inches long in various colors and interlocking together. Make a colorful paper star with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

Today I am going to show you how to make a paper German star. The best way to get started and most of us have 9 X 12 sheets of paper so you want it to be 12 inches long but what you are going to need is four half inch strips so you'll have two strips of each color unless you have four strips you are going to make it a solid color but I like to do two different colors. It is really easy for directions and also if you are going to do a print you are going to have to invert this for your colors to be showing. So for right now they look white but they'll be showing black and white. So you are going to start with one of the pieces and you are just going to insert it to the other one. Now the blue is on top of the white or the inverted zebra right now so the other one not only has to go under it, this other strip it has to point in the other direction so you take your second strip and in the top part of the loop towards the top you are going to insert it in through so they are going opposite directions like this. Now if we would just pull this that would come through so that means we still have to do one in the opposite direction and that would be the inverted zebra one. Right now this is on the inside, see that is on the inside of the blue so that means the blue has to go on the inside of this one so we just tuck it in that way and then you are going to take the other one and insert it in here. So you kind of have them interlocking so see how they are pulling together and they should be nice and tight like a woven center just like that. So what you are going to do now is I'm going to turn this over just so I have it going in a direction I know so I have the top left. Now there is two flaps to each so I am just taking the top one and going to fold it all the way down and then I'm going to fold the blue one over across the zebra and I am going to take the third one and bring it up over the blue and then this last blue one, see I am still leaving a tab. This one has to get tucked inside that first fold over that we did. So it just loops right in there and once again nice and secure just like that. I'm now going to start with the top right corner. I'm going to fold it back into an angle like that and then this one gets folded down like that and then you fold this in half and crease it down there. Now this little tab here and if you fold this back a little bit it will help you. You are going to fold this in through the blue for your second your other color and just pull that through and there is one of the corners and you can get rid of this excess tab. You can either cut it or rip it so I have done that top right corner. I am going to turn it and do the same thing on that next top right corner, invert it back and you are going to do this on all four corners, same thing, fold it down, bring it down vertical, crease it and bring it in half, for your next point, pick it up and tuck it back a little bit and this tab then will go into the zebra or the pattern that I have here, loop it in, there's the tab, pull it through. This is a little heavier paper so you have to assist it and then I'll do a cut right here instead. Some people don't like to do these but for folding and ripping off you can just do that. That side is done so you are going to turn it over and you are going to do this on all four corners, same thing and there you go. Perfect German Star. Hope you had a good day. Thanks.


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