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To make a paper kite, attach to sheets of rectangular paper together with tape, tie a string one-third of the way down the spine, and let it glide on the wind. Create a simple kite out of a few sheets of paper with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

I'm here today to show you how to make a paper kite. I am using a rectangular piece of paper, and I want to have it kind of a nice design so I happen to have chosen this pattern. Nice rectangular 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper, but something a little strong so it's not exactly like writing paper. What you're going to do first is turn it over so the colored side is down, and you're going to take and fold this in half. Crease it, make sure your creases are nice and strong, and then you're going to turn it back over and crease it again so you know it's there. Now, I like to turn it over so I have my open flap to the right hand side, and there's a little crease here, and this is kind of an eyeball thing, but you got about a half inch up here for the size I have to about a inch and a half down here. But, you're going to fold it an angle and bring it towards this size, but don't side, bring it towards this side, but don't touch the corner or don't touch her edge, and what you want is a little bit of a poke out here, okay? And then what you do, make sure it's a nice strong crease, you're going to go in here and pull this down, so this'll be the top of your kite. And what you want to do is to have masking tape, and actually it could be clear tape. Get it the length you need it but for strengthening. This is like the stronghold of your kite, and you're going to tape that down, and I made it a little too long so I'll use my scissors to snip it. And then you fold this down, so this would be the bottom or the spine of your kite and this would be the top. Now, for your kite to be nice and strong your next piece would be to have like a little dowel rod or straw even, and what you're going to do is tape it from corner to corner. Now, an easier way if this tape is wide enough going to put the dowel rod in the middle of the tape, and then we're going to line this up at the corner and to this corner, and push it down onto your paper like that and that'll give your kite a little more support. You're going to turn it over, and a third of the way down in the spine it would be a wise thing to just secure it a little bit better, to have a piece of tape there. Third of the way down you're going to take your paper punch and you're going to punch that hole right there and that'll secure it a little bit better. That's where your string'll be. And tie it on and get yourself a nice good spool of string. To make the kite tail take a garbage bag or some kind of a plastic bag and cut it into one inch strips, and you're going to insert it into the spine here for your tail end, and you could staple that with one staple or you could run a little piece of tape on either side to secure it, and your string would be here and then you'd be able to fly your kite. Hope you have a great time. Thanks for tryin' it.


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