How to Make Paper Dice

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To make paper dice, use a template for making a cube, attach the sides together with tape, and draw the appropriate number of dots on each of the six sides. Create paper dice to use in any board game with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

I'm here to show you how to make paper dice. What you need is decide how big the dice will be. This happens to be one inch squares and you need four by three. So you need four squares on top of another and then three off the side. Like a little cross. Just like this is. And where you're going to put taps on your little squares is the top two, the next two and the next two. So one has two on the sides, the three has one at each end and the next one down has one at each end and then one at your very bottom. Put your markings on you dice; you're numbers, your little dots and stuff. And then, what you're going to do before you construct it together is prefold your flaps, like this. So it'll assist you a lot better in putting it together. And what we need to do is pieces of tape and you're going to put your tape a little bit on the inside and have it tucking out because that is going to be the best way for you to get it together. So I'm going to bring this corner up and press that down in just like that. And bring this tap in. Oops. Line it up to the corner and press it in like that. Going to do the same on the next piece. I need another piece of tape. Tape it from the inside here. Just like that. And I'm going to get one on the insides of these and on the last tab, the last one that we'll use here. Hold off on that for right now. Okay. So we're going to bring these sides in, tuck them in. Reach inside your box, bring it up to the corner edge, press it down and press this one in. And bring these down and tuck this, box it up. And we'll take this little piece of tape and just catch it on the edge there to hold together. And there you go. Little dice. Four!!!


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