How to Make a Paper Spaceship

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Making a paper spaceship is simple by using a standard rectangular piece of paper, creating strong creases and folds, and tucking in the corners of the paper. Create a paper spaceship, folding the fins in to jazz it up, with instructions from a former middle school art teacher in this free video on paper crafts.

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Video Transcript

Today I'm going to show you how to do a little paper spaceship. Regular paper, 9 X 12, 8 1/2 X 11 will work just fine. Take and fold it in the hot dog fashion or a long skinny rectangle, match your corners, crease it, it doesn't matter which end you start with but what you are going to do is bring this over to the edge, bring it to a point, crease it down, open it up and do the same on the other side. Nice strong crease. What you are going to do then is open it up and you see your little X here, you are going to guide this to the inside and then bring this down and flatten it and recrease. Same thing with the other end. Both pieces and fold it in one diagonal fold, make a triangle at the other end, open it up, catch the other point, make sure you have reached the end of your paper and you have a nice sharp point at the edge, have that X, just kind of start bringing those in to the center flat. Then guiding your little point here because you want it to be a nice point, sometimes you have to go up to the top like that and bring it down and crease it so it looks like this. Now what you are going to do is pick up these two little flats. You are just going to take the flat end and tuck it all the way to the edge so you can't go any further and bring it back down and bring up these two flaps just like this so it looks like you have two arrows pointing in opposite directions, crease it. Now your top one you are going to bring down from the point and make sure it goes right in the middle there like that so you can kind of use this as a guide line like that and you are going to bring this piece up oh to about here so you are going to leave another inch. It is going to depend on how big your paper is but you are going to bring that up and crease it and then what you are going to do is kind of have two little tuck in areas here and here so what you are going to do is slightly pick up on this. Bring this tab down and tuck that in so that's going to hold it. Once again bring this up, reach down below, bring this back out and tuck it in like that. Then what you can do is the piece that you just folded up you can bring this down to an edge and give you a fancier tuck. Make sure your creases are good, turn it over and instead of leaving the bottom of your space shuttle or space ship flat like that you can also take the bottom edge like this and there you have your space ship and if you want to jazz it up just bring your fins up a little bit there and there you go, have a great time. Thanks.


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