How to Make Body Butter

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Body butter can be made at home by heating up some shea butter, adding in a carrier oil, such as almond oil, mixing in a touch of cornstarch and adding a few drops of essential oil for fragrance. Create a homemade body butter with beauty advice from an experienced clinical aesthetician in this free video on skin care.

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Hello, my name is Keeley Selvage, with Keeley's Skin Solutions. I've been a clinical aesthetician for over half a decade, and I'm going to talk to you about how to make body butter. Now, body butter is great. It's almost like a body lotion, but without the water, so it's much more emollient, it's going to hydrate you even more, so I'm going to show you how easy it is, but when you're doing this at home, you probably want to use more, so you're going to start with ten ounces of Shea butter. Now, you can get Shea butter at any health food store. This is actually seven ounces, and it's affordable. You just take that, and we're going to use the double boiler method, so you want to start with a large cooking pan. Put a little bit of water in it, and then get a heat safe dish, to put inside it, so I've already done that, and I've heated up my Shea butter, so it's nice and soft, and really easy to mix, so we're going to go from there, and we're going to put a little bit of a fixed or carrier oil in it. Now, I love almond oil. Almond oil is very hydrating, and it is very soothing for the skin, and I'm just going to add a little bit, but for your recipe at home, you want to use about six ounces, so I'm going to add some of that, and then you want to add two teaspoons of cornstarch. Cornstarch is optional, you don't have to have it, but what it's going to do, is make it so it's not so greasy, when you put it on the skin, which if greasy is ok with you, well, then you don't have to put the cornstarch in it, and then you want to put your fragrance in it. You can put any fragrance oil in, that is safe for the skin, or you can just use essential oils, which is what I like. This is a peppermint oil. Peppermint is going to be awakening or stimulating. Lavender is great too, it's very calming, and it's actually hydrating as well, for the skin, so in this one, I'm just going to put a couple of drops, but when you're making yours at home, you can use up to one ounce, but a half an ounce should be fine, so I'm just going to stir that up. A nice little tip too, is you can actually make edible body butters. You can get edible essential oils. There's flavored flaxseed oils, all of those things, you can make yourself a nice little, tasty body butter, so I'm just going to stir it up. You want to store it in a nice tight container, and refrigerate it for as long as possible. My name is Keeley Selvage, with Keeley's Skin Solutions, and that is how you make, your at home body butter.


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