How to Draw a Diagram of the Human Body

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When drawing a diagram of the human body, first draw a line of action to get the core of the body, map out each body part and limb, and begin labeling each part of the figure. Draw an anatomical diagram of the human body with art instruction from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Joel Hickerson, Today, we're going to learn how to draw a diagram of the human body. First thing and that's how you draw a diagram of the human body. We're going to start with a line, a line of action. If this was an illustration, we'd call it a line of action, but since this won't be moving, we're just going to draw a straight line down the page as a point of reference. We'll start with a head and the head is usually, it's kind of an elongated circle. You drop it down, do a little cross where the shoulders would be, do another little cross with the hips. What I like to do is do a circle where the joints are. So, the human arm would come out from the shoulder joint. There's a little, another circle where the elbow might be. Same thing on the hips, the legs come down to the knees, circles where the knees are, circles where the ankles are, straight out. Things to think about as you're drawing this diagram. The width of these arms from this point of fingertip to fingertip, is the same as the height of your human body. So keep that in mind. The eyes or the head, halfway down the orb that you've created for your head, is going to be considered the eye line, halfway from there to the chin is considered your nose line and halfway from the nose line to the chin is where the mouth. So, eyes, nose, mouth and, again, you can come down the center of the head and you create your nose, your eyes and each side usually has an eye space in between it. Mouth. Okay? Ears right below the eyes. Bring your neck down. Start fleshing out your body, the shoulders. And, again, these guides, they're very loosely placed so you don't have to be dead solid perfect or even follow them. Okay? And come down, chest itself would come down to the hips. Now, we've drawn - we've come to the hips, though a female's hips are going to be pushed slightly higher. So the female hip would be there, male hip a little lower. Okay? Draw that, the thighs. Okay. Now, that's basically the diagram with just the basic elements of the human body. Again, remember this is the same as the height, the arm span equals the height of the body. And those are some basic elements, something to work from. And that's how you draw a diagram of the human body.


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