Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Draw Faces

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The steps to drawing faces begin by outlining the basic egg shape, dividing the shape into properly proportioned areas for each facial feature and paying attention to the light source when adding depth through shading. Draw faces one step at a time with art instruction from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Joel Hickerson and Today we're going to learn how to draw faces, step by step. And the first thing, or the first step that we're going to start with is the, the shape of head. And now, the, I guess the in betweener, or the, the basic shape of a head is kind of a, an oval with slightly larger crown at the top. And you can do this with a pencil. Draw very lightly so you can come back and erase the lines. And then about halfway down this oval you're going to draw what's called the eye line. And that'll come straight across. And you, pretty much halfway right in the center of this oval. And then you go halfway between the eye line and the chin, you'll draw another line. And this is called the nose line. And then halfway from the nose line to the chin one more line and that is the mouth. OK? Then you come back and you pick a center line. And you go equal distance on each side of this line another line that pretty much, oh I guess bound, is the boundary for you nose. And you can actually draw that in now. And a nose consists of a circle with two straight lines coming down to it. And everybody's nose is a little bit different. And when you choose the specific face that you're going to draw you will base that face on this, this guide. So you got an eye on this side. And the eyes on the perfect face usually has one eye between these two eyes. So you have a one eye gap between the two eyes. And the mouth line down below. And that gives you a nice start to it. OK? So then the ears usually come up almost to the center line of the eye. OK? Goes down to the bottom of the nose. So you have that. Eyes have pupils. Draw that in. And usually they also have a reflection. Like there's always a point of light somewhere coming out. Cheeks come down with the nose. Hairline can be where ever you want it. If it's a female it'll make a difference than if it's a male. Chin you can round off, or you can square off based on the individual's head. And the neckline will, the thickness will be a lot of times depends on the whether it's a man or a woman. Eyebrows a little above the eyes. There's a little indention on the head that comes in on each side. If you look at the skull you'll notice that. And then it's pretty much that gives you all the basic elements that you need to start the head. And then how you choose to flesh it out will make what each individual specifically is going to look like that you draw. OK, and that's pretty much your basic head. And that's how you draw faces, step by step.


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