How to Draw Valentine Hearts With Wings

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To draw a Valentine heart with wings, begin with a simple heart shape tilted on its side, add angelic-looking wings, draw in a few feather details, and flesh out the heart using a bit of line variation and shading. Create a lovely winged heart for Valentine's Day with art instruction from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Joel Hickerson, Today, we're going to learn how to draw a Valentine's hearts with wings. And to start with, we'll learn how to draw a Valentine's Heart, which is very simple. Draw an axis, bring half circle down on one side, half circle down on the other side, and that's a heart. Okay? Now, a Valentine's heart with wings what we'll do is we're going to tilt this axis to the side. Okay? Then we're going to come in with our Valentine, circle on one and a Valentine circle on the other side. We can exaggerate it a little bit. With the wings, we're going to do more of an angelic wing rather than a crow or something with more feathers. So, an angelic wing would be more of a simple shape. Okay? Because the heart is a very simple drawing, we don't want to get too complicated with the wings. Okay? So now, we've drawn all our construction elements with pencil. Now, we're going to come back with a marker and kind of flesh it out. Start with your heart, come around and down, same thing on the other side. The wings themselves cut into the picture in the foreground. Now the thing about construction elements, you can choose to follow them as closely as you wish. On this one, we're going to have kind of a loose following. Okay? Now you come back with your marker now, or with your eraser, and you erase your construction lines so you can see what you're working with a little bit better. And now you can come back and add details. And for the wing itself, maybe shade the heart. It's a good time to come in and color it too, if you want to color it. And maybe do some motion lines for the wings, maybe do a little trail. Now that's a very simplified little Valentine's heart. And that's how you draw a Valentine Heart with wings.


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