How to Make Dark Line Art

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Making dark line art can be done using very thick markers, simple shapes and minimal detail to make the lines really pop. Use a variety of line widths and qualities to create line art with art instruction from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Joel Hickerson and Today we're going to learn how to draw dark line art. First thing, alright with the dark art we're going to use very bold, sweeping lines and keep the details to a minimum. Because the lines are going to be so thick it's going to be tough to encroach it. So we're, we're going to go, we'll start with let's say we'll draw a lion today. A very simple lion. Draw a circle for main, a circle for the head, maybe a triangle for the nose, two circles on that side. Now what I'm drawing here are considered the construction elements. So what I'm doing is I'm drawing them very lightly, so they can overlap, they can, I can change them very easily. But it also lends itself to a very simplified drawing. So here we go with the dark line art. And I'm, I'm using a Sharpie, which is a very bold line. Again, we're going to keep our details to a minimum, because we are dealing with a, a bolder line. And the construction elements I've drawn, I'm going to come back and erase anyway. So if I deviate a little bit from where I've placed them, I'm using them more of, as a guide than as a dead solid accurate line to follow. Do the muzzle, maybe the eyes. You could do a little tongue if you wanted to. Bring the body around. And keep the details to a minimum. And when you're done, you may so you can start erasing all your construction lines. Then you end up with your lion. Again, the de, details are to a minimum, but you can come back and give your figure a little bit of weight. And what I usually do to accomplish that is to go around say the bottom of the circle and make that line a little bit thicker. And that kind of grounds the figure to the paper. It gives it a little bit of weight. Just the underside. You can kind of see how it's starting to get a little bit more weight to it. And that's a real simplified bold line art drawing. And that's how you a dark line art.


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