How to Make Geometric Line Art

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To make geometric line art, use a variety of flat geometric shapes linked together to form a pattern, such as pyramids, diamonds and cubes. Create optical illusions through geometric line art with art instruction from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Joel Hickerson, and today we're going to learn how to draw geometric line art. First we'll start with some simple shapes. Well let's start with a triangle for instance. We would draw a simple shape of a triangle first, and maybe give it a little perspective in to almost a pyramid. Or maybe we would draw a square, simple shape of the square, and again make a one point perspective, bring it back to this point that we have and all the lines to the point and then cut it off. And that would give us our square. Diamond, same thing, a line down the center, line through the middle, line to the center point here, to that line, to match the other line and you have a diamond. Now, and that gives you some very simple shapes. Now, the thing about geometric line are is usually it creates a pattern of some kind so you use these elements to create a pattern that's sort of dynamic. And we'll start with a square and pick the middle point of each part of the square, come down with a line. Now usually when you do this it's either on a computer or you're using a straight edge to where lines are a little truer. But for what we're doing this should work. Again with the diamond, you come straight down, straight across, pick the center point in each one of these lines, come to it, and then on down, and down. And then you might want to cone in on the edge, I'm going to erase some of these lines, at the very edge point, and there you come to the middle and do another like half diamond over here, maybe with a few more spires. When you make geometric line art, once you start a pattern the uniformity needs to be consistent, at least in this type. And that gives you that and almost if you want to thicken your line of the central object, it'll push it forward and do the same thing with the middle here. And that kind of thrusts the diamond forward. in the background. Or you can come in, maybe darken every other one of these. And that kind of generally has the same effect. That gives you a pretty good idea on how to get started. And you can come back around the outside, and again then create a pattern. Whoops, that disappears in to the background. The possibilities are pretty much endless. That's a good starting place for an example of geometric line art.


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