How to Quiet a Noisy Computer While Recording Audio

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When recording audio, a noise computer can ruin a recording, so buy a high-efficiency fan that will run more quietly. Discover how to change peripherals in a PC with help from a producer in this free video on audio recording.

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Video Transcript

So if you want to quiet a noisy computer while you are recording an audio if you are like me and you like to record artists in your home sometimes in your home studio and you don't have it sound proofed, you need everything to be really quiet, you need to turn your fans off, turn off everything but the computer is so loud that it's cutting into your audio. How do you quiet a noisy computer? Well a couple of ways that I recommend that you quiet a noisy computer. Number one is you can buy a new fan that is high efficiency and they run super quiet, nine times out of ten if your computer is really loud it is usually your fan that has been the way to cool off your computer system. So if you buy some new fans and change them out odds are that will help you to quiet your noisy computer. The other thing is your Power Pack. Sometimes your Power Packs are fairly loud and you can get Power Packs that are super quiet as well. Usually some of these peripherals that I'm talking about are usually used in higher end systems for editing and for things like that, work stations but you can change it out in your own PC and hey if all else fails if you don't want to go through all that trouble you can do what I've also done in the past, take yourself a blanket, throw it over the top of your computer for a short period of time as to not overheat your computer and that will keep your computer nice and quiet while you are able to kick out that song.


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