How Do I Make a Music Picture Disc?

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Before making a music picture disc, an individual will need a way to get pictures onto a computer, after which they will need an editing program, such as Sony Vegas. Learn how to render a final video for a music picture disc with help from a producer in this free video on music picture discs.

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To make a music picture disc, basically you'll need a couple of things. You'll need your pictures, and you'll need to be able to get your pictures into your computer via digital scanner of some sort. You'll need music, and of course to get your music into your computer, and you'll need an editing system or an editing software of some sort to be able to put your music underneath your pictures and to be able to render your final video out for DVD output. Let's take a look and I'll show you how we go about doing that, right here in Sony Vegas. So what I have here are just a couple of pictures that we're going to drop right on the time line here in Sony Vegas, and then we're also going to drop in some music right here below it. And so basically, you take each picture, lay it onto your time line and overlap 'em. I usually like to overlap 'em by about...about one to two seconds. Usually about a second a half makes a lice, a nice transition. And once you have 'em overlapped, as you can see, you can play your video and they transition nicely. So that's how you create a music picture disc. Hope that helps. They're also fun for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, even memorial videos.


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