Lighting a Photography Set

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A basic way of lighting a photography set involves the use of a main light, or source light, a fill light and a key light. Find out where to place different lights on a photography set with help from a producer in this free video on photography lighting.

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Video Transcript

There are several different ways to light a photography set. What I'm going to show you is one of the basic ways to light up a subject for photography or even for video interviews, those types of things. Basically, what you have is you have your main light, which will be your source light. This will be the main light that comes in and shoots on the subject. After you have your main light set up, you'll need this light which we will call the fill light. The fill light will actually take the shadows off the side of the person that you're interviewing. And then, lastly, you will have your key light. This will actually cover the hair or the background of the person that you're interviewing to make them stand apart from the backdrop. So, that's just a basic way to light your subject when you're doing photography sets or video interview lighting. So, I hope that helps. There's several different ways to light a set and we'll show you more later.


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