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Careers in nature photography revolve around being comfortable in all harsh elements and getting published in various magazines, such as National Geographic. Get a career in nature photography with information from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Alright in this clip we're going to talk about nature photography careers. When deciding to go into nature photography I'm going to assume that you already have a love for nature because you're really going to have to get into nature to start taking those really good pictures. When choosing a career in this area it's really going to be, you're probably going to be working for a magazine that has nature photos is a way to make money off it if you're not a famous photographer that people want to buy your photos already. I am not personally into nature photography but I have had the privilege to watch a lot of interviews with National Geographic photographers and you really have to be a champ and really love nature to really want to go out and do this kind of stuff. A lot of the times that the mildest situations they're talking about is being up in the trees frozen not being able to move, 20 degrees without wind chill, just like waiting for something to pass by because you can't spook or scare anybody away. I mean they talk about being in the jungle, you're really out there with the animals and where they are in their natural habitat or else you're not going to be able to capture them. So you have to be out there, I heard about them like waking up with leeches in their back, weird bugs in their ears, like anything that can possible happen to you as an explorer is going to happen to you when you want to go out and get those really nice pictures. However, the craziest things happen in nature and probably the best pictures you're going to get are those natural phenomenons that people can't capture in their everyday lives.


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