How to Make a Collage With Photos

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Making a collage with photos is a mixture of photography and sculpture, as several images are used in a single piece of artwork to express a theme or idea. Juxtapose images creatively in a collage with information from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

In this segment we're going to talk about how to make a collage. A collage is definitely an interesting subject to talk about when talking about photography because it's really, it's a way if you cannot express yourself just in one picture, it is a way to take many pictures and to express what you want to say. I almost want to explain it as a encompassing of both photography and sculpture at the same time. When doing like a photo book, what you're going to do in a photo book usually is explore a certain theme and obviously most people do photo books one picture at a time on whatever they like to take pictures of, for example mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, families, farmhouses. But sometimes if you want to put something bigger together you can have a collage of many farmhouses, completely contrasting farmhouses, similar farmhouses, the collage can go from big farmhouses to little farmhouses, there could be so many things that you can, it just opens up what you want to say through a photograph. The use of collages is really just to express yourself I feel like and it's very artistic that's the kind of stuff that you'll more be going into a museum with to try and present, sell your work as an art form. But also I would say that probably makes the greatest gift to anybody is collages, people really enjoy that and actually a great use of collage is if you're ever going into an interview or an audition where you have to kind of express what you want to do with the project, specifically like photojournalism or cinematography which is multiple pictures obviously. You can take in a collage and if you really take time with your collage, you can take pictures from all sorts of magazines, I actually save magazines to do this for myself to create a mood on that piece of paper of many different shots. You can really start to express to whoever you're interviewing with or the director or the writer, what you're trying to capture through the series of pictures you're going to be taking. It's very useful and it's actually very creative and people aren't used to it, it's a fresh look at things.


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