How to Make Money From Digital Photography

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Making money from digital photography can be done by offering services to models and actors who need head shots, which makes it easy for them to create a portfolio on a CD. Earn money using competitive pricing with information from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

All right. In this segment we're going to go ahead and talk about how to make money from digital photography. In the digital age, it's actually become a lot easier to go ahead and make money these days, because you cut out the cost of printing, which is why we're talking about the subject in the first place. For example, first way to start off that I actually do quite often is, if you work in a, like a area where lots of people are getting into acting or modeling, you can actually just kind of go around and offer your services up. Whatever you offer, or digitally taking head shots, you can usually make a lower offer than most other people out there. And if you're making that lower offer, you're going to have a lot more business, 'cause all those people who aren't getting paid to act are going to want to come to you a lot more often. And with that, with the digital photography, what's great for them and for you to make money, is they're willing to pay you because you just have a disc you give to them, and you don't have to charge as much 'cause you're not printing, and they can use it for whatever they want. And the same with a modeling portfolio. You just hand them a disc, and they have whatever they need on it, to put it in whatever media they need to show to people. Put it on Now Casting, to put it on a website somewhere. Also, you can start off with stock photography, which is very important. A stock photography warehouse is actually, well it started off as a warehouse. Nowadays, it's a digital database. But, it's just a stock warehouse that has a bunch of photographs that you can buy for a one-time purchase, and you don't have to pay any residuals on it if you're going to use it in, like, a movie or an advertisement. And, you can either sell your pictures to the stock photography warehouse, or you can actually just start up your own web page, and go ahead and start your own stock photography for everybody else to purchase off of you. And in any sense, you should probably start off your own website if you want to go ahead and sell any of your pictures, 'cause then people would know you're around to buy from.


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