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Stock photography careers can be pretty lucrative, as there is a large market for it, and it is easy to submit digital photos to stock photography houses. Start a freelance career in stock photography with information from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on photography.

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In this clip we're going to talk about stock photography careers. So, in order to start talking about a stock photography career, I should probably start by explaining what stock photography is. Stock photography is basically the way it sounds, it's just a bunch of pictures piled up in a stock house, back in the day, now everything is, like, on databases, but, that people could just buy and use at their will. The most basic idea that I can come to think of is for example, is photo frames, when you buy a photo frame, there's always going to be a picture inside of it. But now it's for, for any use that you might need, an advertiser, or in a movie for some reason. What's great about stock photography is instead of hiring a photographer and for paying them for every residual that comes out of what ever you're making, you just pay the one time fee, and you get that photograph, and that's yours. Stock photography is actually a wonderful business to go in to, depending on how you go about it. Kind of starting off, stock photography, is you get an internship in a stock photography house, you basically are made, that's a really good way to get in to the photography world, making a name for yourself, and you would move on from stock photography, obviously, and do all sorts of photography in what ever you like to do. Now-a-day's, with the internet and digital databases, you can actually just become kind of a freelance agent for yourself. You can send in photographs, and stock photography houses will just buy them off of you, or you could even, if you wanted to, start a website with all your own photographs, and that can be the stock photography warehouse that somebody was looking for.


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