Use of Photography in Modern Advertising

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Photography in modern advertising plays a huge role, as fashion photography as become an art form of its own that creates mood, generates interest and provokes thought. Understand how photography has transformed modern advertising with information from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

And now we're going to try to discuss the use of photography in modern advertising.The use of photography in modern advertising can go so many different ways because really, when you get in to photography and you want to start making money off of photography, that's basically what you're going in to, is how to use it in advertising, because that's the biggest market, the biggest money making market of United States of America. It, what most people take in to account when they think about advertising with photography is obviously fashion photographer. That's really what you want to get in to to make the big money. It's the high end kind of photography. And it's so much more than just pointing and shooting, it becomes a complete art form, and I think most of the pictures that people have looked at in, in the last two decades have been fashion photography pictures. It takes a powerful photograph like that to make people want to buy the expensive clothing, and then it relates, it trickles down really to everything else that people buy that has to do with, even when you get in to less expensive clothes and candy, and everything else, people kind of still want to create that mood. It's something definitely stared, I mean beer advertising almost is that way, too. And then you have a completely opposite end of the spectrum, where it's project photography, which is not my favorite because I like the mood setting. That's when you get more in to, people want to see your product, it wants to be a nice picture so you can see all the details. If you're going to start going in to, like, jewelry photography, that definitely is a situation where you're not going to want to create a mood. They want to see the sparkles and the colors of the diamonds. They want to make sure that you see every detail of the gold, and the patterns in the stones. So, you're really going to get more in to, like, it's called a hot box, which is just basically to make sure that the flash surrounds it and really gets every detail of it. And those are actually just a few of the examples of the use of photography in modern advertising.


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