Costs of Printing a Photo Book

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The costs of printing a photo book can range from less than $100 to thousands of dollars, as it can be simply assembled at home or professionally printed and bound by a printer. Weigh the options of printing a photo book with information from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Now I am going to talk about the cost of printing a photo book. Photography is one of those areas where you can be spending a whole lot of money or be spending a little bit of money especially in the age of photography, it becoming so broad what you can do with photography. If you want to go into printing a photo book we could be ranging from thousands upon thousands of dollars to hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. If you want to go through the professional route of printing a photo book, giving it to a professional printer, having them bind it that is where the money is going to be racking up into an area that I know thousands upon thousands but I could not estimate exactly where because there is much easier ways to do it. If you want to be working on it at home and doing it yourself which is always a good idea so you can become a more personal area for you what you could do is when you go to the store if you want to just purchase any art supply store or photography store usually has photo books that you can use, some looking more professional. They can get up to about $50 sometimes. I haven't really seen anything more than that or sometimes as little as like $12 depending on how you want to personalize your situation and you can buy one of those of course to hold the photos for you and then hopefully at this point you have already had this camera, that's a cost that I am not going to get into right now and then with printing if you don't have a printer at home, you actually a lot of photography places nowadays have printers that you can use there, they have editing systems that you can pay to use and you pay by he hour sometimes or you pay by the print, around $10 to print a photo, if you want to make it look good. Also if you are taking a photography class, if you want to go ahead and do that, you pay for the photography class and you usually get full use of the lab in the printing areas there and that's really about $10 for you also. It is a very good way to go about things. If you are going to go the way of actually buying a printer for yourself and you want to print a nice photo book you are going to want to go above like $600, $700 on your printer and really look for something that fits you. You might be spending in the thousands there. Then it is pretty easy at that point once you have the printer or have the area you are going to print in that you buy the photo paper. If you go into a photo store it is usually about $25 for a pack of like maybe 25 photo sheets and even that is the really nice stuff and that way you can go ahead and print your pictures out and put them in a photo book and it can be something really wonderful and personal for you.


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