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Becoming a travel photographer requires traveling extensively, taking pictures of nature, ruins and landmarks, and finding a travel magazine, brochure, company or airline to submit the images to. Find out what it takes to become a travel photographer with information from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Alright, in this next clip we're going to go ahead and talk about how to become a travel photographer. So, when wanting to become a travel photographer, you've definitely, at this point, honed in on your photography skills if you've already decided what kind of photographer you want to be. A travel photographer, obviously, is going to concentrate more on landscapes, nature, and not so much on, like, fashion photography or portraits. What you would be going in to, basically, is working for travel magazines, brochures, travel companies, American Airlines, anything that has to do with, Utah the state. Or, you could be working for, like, National Geographic, or other magazines that feature kind of landscapes and areas that people don't often see. With travel photography, actually, with any situation, if you really are interested in going in to that specific area, internships are always a way to look for stuff. People are always looking for assistances that are already established photographers. Magazines are always looking for people that are willing to do the ground work, kind of, and that way you can really learn the ropes and be out there with them as professionals are doing it, and you can see what they've been doing to make themselves successful for as long as they have been. Also, a really cool thing that I've recently learned about is many places in the United States you can take travel photography tours, and what they do is they kind of, you pay the money to go on a tour of an area, like, say the wine country in Oregon, or I don't know, the Niagra Falls area in New York, and you pay the money, and you actually have a photography assistant who has taken pictures of that area before, kind of show you what to focus on in those areas, and you kind of get the agenda of what people are trying to see when they see travel photography. And as far as, like, National Geographic and that area, those magazines you really definitely need to get an internship and be prepared to go through some really tough times. Those jobs are much harder than other travel photography jobs.


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