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Print a photo book is a great way to display a collection of themed photographs, and there are several sleeved books that can be purchased at any photo or art supply store. Put together a photo book, printing off the images on a home computer or in a dark room, with information from a professional freelance photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Alright, in this clip we'd actually like to take some time to talk about Photo Book printing. So the difference between a Photo Book and a Portfolio. Which is important to lay that ground work before we talk about actually printing. A portfolio would be something that you would take a variety of different kinds of work. That you would like to show off, how versatile you are. For any job that you apply for. Whereas a Photo Book is more of a themed idea that you want to show off. So if there's something certain you want to be expressing to somebody. You have a certain idea. Example is portraits. A lot of people, a lot of famous artists do like, mothers and daughters, collages. So what you would do in this case, is to start off. If you're going to do it in your own home, the cheapest way. You can go to any photo store or probably any art supply store. And they have either the portfolio books or a photo book that you can buy there. And they have them ranging from very professional looking things to very personalized, cutise kind of things. That you can buy for yourself. Whatever you feel like, you want to do. Whatever best expresses you. Especially, in the Photo Book situation. And then, you obviously are going to go out with your camera. And take some pictures. And whatever theme that you want to. And then you're going to have to start printing the pictures. Now the whole crazy thing about photography right now is, there's the film versus the digital. A film is going to be harder for you to print, obviously. I'm going to focus on digital more. Because that's something you can do in your home. If you take out your digital camera. You can have, I mean you can obviously do this on. One of the little instant cameras. A lot of, if you're, are going to be serious about this, You might want to go with a digital SLR. And go out and take the photos. Or whatever you're looking for. Bring it back home. And they, plug it into your computer. Find a program that you feel comfortable editing with. Or you don't even need to edit a photo. If you're comfortable with it. And then, you want to try and find a nice quality paper. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy. But make sure it's photo paper. And I would say though, you want to look for a better style printer. That has a variety of different colors that they can, sharpness of color is important. And then you should be able to just print out those photos at your home. Whatever editing program you're using. You could definitely use to resize your photos. Correct sharpness, brightness. Even the most simple of things that come usually on any computer. Can have you adjust contrast and brightness. Which are some, I mean then you get to play with those. And decide what looks best for you. And when you make those prints, you can put them together in that book. And that's definitely something special you can show to your family. Or something you can take along to show on a job interview.


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