Learning to Use a Sewing Machine

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Learning to use a sewing machine can be done with a few simple exercises, such as drawing a curve on scrap fabric, following the line, stitching perfectly straight lines and stitching perfectly parallel lines. Practice sewing a variety of stitches on a sewing machine with instructions from a sewing craftsman in this free video on sewing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Sam Lewis from madebysam.com and I'm here to talk to you about learning to use your sewing machine. Now, the basics of your sewing machine, fairly easy, the execution, not so easy. There are a few simple exercises you can practice on with some scrap cloth. It may make it a little bit easier to actually make patterns and clothes. First thing I would suggest is lay out a random curved line on a piece of scrap material. And then try and sew on that line. Once you've mastered the art of sewing on a curve, sewing seams and clothing will be much easier. So you insert your material in to your sewing machine, drop your foot on the line, start about a quarter reversal on the line, anchor your thread and slowly feed your material through. Don't push it through, the sewing machine will take care of moving it forward. Just keep aiming it right and left. Now as you practice, you can always get faster and faster. But to start out with this is a pretty good speed. And you will find that you will deviate from your line. Don't get worried about that. It's more important to keep a smooth line and pull yourself back to where you were trying and you get it perfect or try and start over. Once you have a single line like this, take the material and sew another line parallel to it. The trick is to line up along side and then keep an eye on the distant between your presser foot and your stitching line. Now don't worry about what's coming up just keep the distance here the same all the time. And that's a good basic exercise for how to learn to use your sewing machine.


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