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Sewing tables should be sturdy pieces of furniture to support the motion of a sewing machine, and there should be ample work space and plenty of lighting. Set up a sewing area to house a sewing machine, supplies, fabrics and work space with instructions from a sewing craftsman in this free video on sewing.

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Hi, my name is Sam Lewis from madebysam.com, and I'm here to talk to you about sewing tables. First and most important thing about your sewing area is it needs to be solid and it needs to be well lit. Beyond that it's all gravy. First thing you want to think about is what area you're going to work in, in your house or your home. If it's someplace where you can set up a dedicated table then by all means get yourself a good solid table. I use a work bench that I made for leather work so it is rock solid and I will move my sewing machine around and about. Now I personally like to have a lot of work space beside the sewing machine so that I can keep cloth and whatever product I'm working on, on the table and secure. Some people prefer to have the sewing machine at the edge of their table so that they can run off and they can work with a huge thing, let it fall to the floor and not worry about it. All depends on what you like, the size of your project and the size of your sewing machine. The other important thing besides solidity is light. You cannot possibly have too much light. I personally have three dedicated lights around my sewing machine, the one on the sewing machine, one right over the top of the sewing machine and then another one a little further away to illuminate the workspace. I am personally not a bit fan of the sewing tables that you find in catalogs and sewing stores. They're always fairly light weight which is great for moving them around and if you have to box up your sewing everyday when you're finished with it, that is a draw. On the other hand it's not very solid and not very sturdy. And when you get a sewing machine going and especially heavy fabric, it moves. And it moves a lot. So you're much better off with a kitchen table, a dining room table, something that's big and heavy and solid.


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