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Opaque paint markers can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as glass, metal, wood, plastic and dark paper, where regular transparent markers are only suited to draw on light-colored paper surfaces. Use opaque paint markers for various craft projects with information from an art store general manager in this free video on art supplies.

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Video Transcript

Question we are asking today is what is an opaque paint marker? You need to understand what the difference between a regular marker and a paint marker and an opaque paint marker is. Your regular marker which is probably the most common marker out there well known as the Sharpie marker, a beautiful marker to write on many surfaces, however, it doesn't have opacity. It is designed to be worked on a very light surface or a white surface. I have got this black board here andI draw on here and you can see while the blue looks great on the white you can't see it at all on the black board. Now if I come with a paint marker that has and most paint markers do have incredible opacity I work on the white board so you get a beautiful blue color there but unlike the Sharpie marker in this case this paint marker will go over black extremely well so opacity is important when you are working on something other than white and you want the color to show. One thing I might mention about Sharpie, I am demonstrating with a Sharpie here which is your average Sharpie but Sharpie does also make opaque paint pens and for the sake of demonstration I used a regular Sharpie marker on the blackboard which is not an opaque paint marker but most companies do have opaque paint markers and that is the difference between a regular marker and an opaque marker.


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