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Glitter paint markers are generally thicker than regular paint markers in order to hold and dispense the glitter, and they are used by gently squeezing the body of the pen while drawing. Use acid-free glitter pens for decorative crafts with information from an art store general manager in this free video on art supplies.

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The question is about glitter paint pens. Paint pens come in many varieties and options, and glitter is one of the many varieties. And here is a set from Crayola. And the way these work is, glitter is thicker so it has to be carried in a thicker body but it works very much like a marker, but you got to squeeze, it takes a little bit more effort than a regular pen, but it's still- the results are awesome. One thing to note about these, these are acid-free. When you're decorating, a lot of people in scrapbooking or making their own cards really enjoy these, and acid-free is one of the questions a lot of people ask. And this particular one I'm going to demonstrate today is called Crayola glitter glue. And what it does is, it gives you the ability to write like a pen, with glitter. And on a multiple surfaces, dark and light, glass, metal, wood, plastic. And because it's Crayola it's generally safe, certified non-toxic. So it's great for kids to use. One of the things they recommend is decorating your switch plate for bedroom, something like that. But they're many, many uses, many craft projects, a lot of fun ways to jazz stuff up, so I'm going to demonstrate that now, alright. Right now I'm going to work with this Crayola glitter glue pen. And what I'm going to do is, you can see I get a nice bead of glitter, works just like a pen, a little bit more effort, you have to squeeze it, but again, the beauty about a paint pen is you have opacity, where you don't have to just stick with white, you could work on many different colors. I know- a great way to decorate Easter eggs, great suggestion with this. You could have a lot of fun with this and great in scrapbooking, many, many uses for this. But you have the control where you don't offer with normal glitter and the ability to put down glitter where you don't with a normal marker.


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