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Enamel paint markers are much more durable than acrylic or regular paint markers, as the enamel creates a bright, opaque color suitable for plastic, glass, metal, wooden and ceramic surfaces. Use enamel paint, that will not fade or chip, with information from an art store general manager in this free video on art supplies.

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An enamel paint marker, I have one here from Deco, they also, Sharpie makes a beautiful paint marker. The difference with an enamel paint marker versus a regular paint marker would be there are enamel and there are acrylic paint markers and then there are regular markers. Paint marker is basically like a can of paint that has to be shook well and then pumped into the tip and instead of a very thin ink coming out, you actually have paint coming out, which is very good for craft projects, working on glass, working on metal, wood, just about any surface that's not oily or greasy. Paint markers also have a great deal of opacity, enamel and water-based alike. Enamel offers more durability. The first time I ever used a paint marker I got a set and I lived in a neighborhood where my children all had the same toys as all the other children in the neighborhood. So, we used these paint markers, the enamel ones, to mark all the toys with. Outdoor weather and the sun, whatever, and they worked excellent on, you know, plastic and outdoor weather, they have durability and, you know, beautiful colors to go ahead and boot with. If you use like a normal marker and did like that, because they're so thin and they're just not designed to be durable like that, they'll fade and die very quickly as far as, you know, staying on anything. Paint markers generally are used in the craft industry but they have many uses, I said working on glass, metal, wood, ton of things. And, the other thing, the other issue, is opacity. Where I have a regular Sharpie marker here and, while this marker is excellent for marking on metal or glass, when you get on a darker surface, I'm going to use a red marker here, you really can't see what's there. If you use a paint marker, an enamel paint marker on the same surface, notice the opacity because you're putting a lot of paint down here versus a thin layer. So, an enamel paint marker has durability and opacity on top of that and it's great for, like I said, any craft project, anything, plastic, you might want to decorate or identify, just one of the many uses.


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