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Deco brand opaque paint markers are available in a huge variety of colors, and they can be used to draw on paper, metal, glass, wood and ceramics. Shake up a Deco paint marker before using it with information from an art store general manager in this free video on art supplies.

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Video Transcript

The question is about Deco Paint Markers. Now, Deco Paint Markers is an excellent line. They make a wonderful variety of colors and they come with two different tips and out of all the paint markers I've used, this one has been around and is the most reliable and consistent and good color range and, and good price range. So this is definitely one of my favorite as far as variety and as far as durability. Again, with any paint marker, the way a paint marker works, it's not like a regular marker. You just don't open it up and write, you need to shake and mix your paint thoroughly in the paint marker before using. If you don't, you get yourself in trouble. They're sealed, most of the time. You don't want to buy one that's not sealed. But you want to open the seal up and the reason why you don't want to buy one that's sealed is somebody's tried one out and let the paint dry in the top of the marker and that capped it up. Then you can have a marker that's not going to work for you as well so you want to start fresh. So, shaking this marker up really good and as you can see, there's no paint in the tip. It is not orange. It's just a yellow nylon, alright? Now, what we're going to do with this Deco color, as we do with any paint marker, shake it thoroughly and then pump the tip slowly and again, most people get themselves in trouble if they pump too quick. The paint is flooding into the tip if we s...look now where it wasn't there before. The worst thing we can do is the paint comes down in here is keep working, keep pumping the tip, but anyhow, you can see paint's in the tip now and marker works beautifully. This'll work on paper, metal, glass, wood, ceramics, here, a piece of black board and notice the opacity on the black board. Markers, regular markers won't do that, a paint marker will. So you have that now, with the Deco Paint marker and with any other marker, one thing you have to be careful about is just over pumping and there's paint already in here. I'm drawing along here fine. The worst thing I could do is pump this tip again. And if I pump it, paint will start gushing out. It'll start dripping. You just don't want to over paint your paint marker. It's ready to go. Do not pump it again until you don't get paint out anymore. And Deco has a great color range including silver and gold. So what we have here is a broad tip and a fine tip, which is nice 'cause sometimes you need something small, sometimes you need something a little bit bigger and they offer a range of both.


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