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To draw a girl, draw the eyes large on the face, add a few eyelashes for a feminine look, sketch in a cute smile and add a young-looking hairdo to finish it off. Draw girls using exaggerated young features with a demonstration from a professional cartoonist and illustrator with this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Alright folks, in this clip, I'm going to teach you how to draw girls. Obviously, we're going to start with the eyes. Good place to start. Gonna draw this one with sort of a, the cute expression on her face, I mean that's a really great way to draw cartoon girls, anyway. Keep them looking as cute as possible, 'cause you know, girls are cute. Eyelashes help, so we have the eyelids there, these little eyebrows and then the pupils. Pupils really help sell, sell the cuteness of the girls face. Make 'em nice and big, bright and shiny, just like that. Then we come down here and draw a cute little nose. All the features are going to be kind of condensed. One thing different about drawing girls as opposed to drawing women is if I was drawing a woman, I probably really give her full, pouty lips, whereas with a girl, there's no reason to go that route. It seems much smarter just to give her a nice little cute smile. So, we're going to come up here and draw her hair. We'll probably have it up in some cute little pony tail and this is just a simple way to draw on a girls face. Give her a nice little bow, and this is of course, exaggerated cartoon style, but it gives you an idea of like a direction you could take it. Get a little hair coming out the back there, nice little pony tail. So there would be the perfect example of the head and then from there, we're probably going to make her a little bit more of a caricature. Now I'm not going to draw her body proportioned with, you know, what you would see probably in a regular proportionally correct drawing. Her hands kind of behind her back like that and we'll give her a nice little skirt. Something kind of like that. Kind of legs standing together. Maybe some socks that are kind of scrunched up at the bottom, just like this, and then some cute little shoes, just like that. And of course, this is just basic cartoon girl, but at the, a couple of tips to keep in mind when drawing girls, make them you know, if that's opposed to women, make them shorter, cuter, make their vase, facial features just a little bit bigger. It really helps it sell the idea that this is a girl as opposed to a woman. And a, yeah, those are just a few tips on how to draw cartoon girls.


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