How to Draw Kissing Lips

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Drawing kissing lips is best done by drawing in the first person's upper lip and the second person's lower lip to get an accurate representation of two people kissing with heads tilted in opposite directions. Practice drawing kissing lips with a demonstration from a professional cartoonist and illustrator with this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, folks. In this clip, I'm going to teach you how to draw kissing lips. And basically, what I'm going to do is to teach you how to draw the nice, safe general way -- not going to get too fancy with this one. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to start by drawing the forehead and nose of the first person. Then what we're going to do is come down and draw the upper part of that person's lip, and this is where it's going to get complicated. You're now going to draw, going in like this. It looks like their lip is pointing slightly down, but what you're actually doing here is you are drawing the lower portion of the second person's lip. I'm just going to go like that and right about here is where we're going to take over and draw the other person's face. Now, what you do is draw the other person's chin coming down like this, and then we're going to come up here and draw their jawbone and then the top of their forehead, which would be right here. Now, this is, again, a very general way, so now I'm going to try and complete the picture for you so you can kind of see what I'm doing. This is, essentially, the person's lower lip. This is this person's upper lip. And if we were to draw the rest of the face in here, the ears and hair. And this is what, generally, we might come up with. And of course, the eyes would be there and so forth. You can see...I mean, this has...this guy has a big nose, I guess, but you can see... The real point I was trying to make is the upper lip of this person goes here, and the lower lip of this person goes here. So really, the thing that you're going to want to focus on most is the lips connecting right in this area here. That is, by far, the most important part of drawing kissing lips. Now, you can kind of master that -- the lower lip meeting...this person's lower lip meeting this person's upper lip, then you've got it. That's how you draw kissing lips.


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