How to Draw a Soccer Ball

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Drawing a soccer ball is done by drawing a circle for the outline of the ball, starting with a single hexagon in the center of the circle and adding hexagons to the original shape to complete the pattern. Color in every other hexagon to draw a soccer ball with a demonstration from a professional cartoonist and illustrator with this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, folks. In this clip, I'm going to teach you how to draw a soccer ball, which is not necessarily going to be a act of art, necessarily, but more an act of geometry and mathematics. So this is for all you geometry and math lovers out there who, I'm sure, could probably do this better than me because what it really essentially boils down to is being able to draw consistent shapes. So always start with a circle, which will be the outer edge of our ball. And then to give us a bit of a area to work with -- or starting point, rather -- we're going to draw a polygon...well, actually, it's a hexagon inside the circle, which we are going to build off of. That's going to be the starting point because the soccer ball is full of polygons that are six-sided hexagons that make up the entire ball. Now, where it's going to get tricky is as you start to work your way around said ball, they don't line up exactly the same way that they do on these two. These are going to be the starting point, but as you start to kind of work your way around, you're going to have to...have to curve with the ball and start to show the different shapes, and its...or the different curves that the ball is taking, if that makes sense. So they are going to start to stretch in different ways. So now basically, you just build off of what you have here. But this, again, is not going to be easy. You're going to have to really visualize curves of the ball. And, you know, just do your best. No one expects you to nail it your first try. And it is not easy. But basically, you're sticking with the pattern that you have going already and trying your best to bring it all the way across. So there you have the outer shape of the ball. Now, what you would do is grab a thicker pen and fill in the different black hexagons to create the consistent soccer ball look -- the standard soccer ball look that we all have come to know. And you don't do all of them, obviously. You just kind of pick a few and they have to be, you know, relatively spaced equal distance apart. But like I said, at the beginning, this ex...drawing is essentially an act of, you know, geometry and angles, and it's not necessarily the most creative. But once you've mastered the circles and the hexagons in the middle, you are well on your way to having completed a completed soccer ball. So now just fill in these last few black ones, and there you go.


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