How to Draw a Cartoon Girl With Her Hair Up

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When drawing a cartoon girl with her hair up, begin by drawing in the feminine eyes, create pouty lips, sketch out some full bangs and illustrate the ponytail behind her head. Learn to draw a cartoon whose hair is pulled back with a demonstration from a professional cartoonist and illustrator with this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Alright folks in this clip I am going to teach you how to draw a cartoon girl with her hair up and the best place to start I think is with the eyes. We are going to come in here and we're going to do two oval shaped eyes here. One thing to kind of make them look feminine is to give them that slanted in oval shape and then come up here and give her some eyebrows or eyelids rather I'm sorry with eyelashes and this will be the foundation now for the eyes so come in now and give her her pupils, try and keep the little white center in the middle. Try and match that white center over on this side so it looks like she is looking in the same direction, get them even, there you go. A couple of eyebrows then right above, very dainty feminine eyebrows nothing too distracting. We're going to come in here and draw the nose. Now the nose most often is rather small on women unless you are trying to make them ugly of course which I don't know exactly what it is you are going for but that's how you make a nose there and then the upper lip. We come down here and we draw the lower lip a little more pouty on the bottom and that really makes the lips look more feminine. This is a big distinction between female and male lips, if you make the lower lip look more pouty they end up looking more feminine. I am going to draw that in there. There you have the lips. Now the hair is going to be coming up there. We are going to lead up to it by drawing the chin underneath and coming up there just like that with little ears here. Since her hair is going to be up we will see her ears so they will be here, maybe add some earrings or something like that to add to the femininity. Then what I would do next is draw the bangs kind of in front so let's say her hair is going to be up but her bangs are going to be hanging sort of in her face with her hair pulled up behind her. So we draw her hair kind of like that and then what I would draw is something to show that her hair is being held up so that little bump back there is meant to be the ponytail. So then what we would do is we would come up and this is to keep the three dimensional perspective and draw the back of the bump of the hair right like that. You can even draw a couple shoots kind of going back just to show what's going on and then to follow up on it come down and behind and show the back of the ponytail and of course her neck and shoulders and so on. But that is basically how you draw a cartoon girl with her hair up and then you would just follow the body on down and just kind of go from there but that is essentially the style, face, hair coming up and down behind.


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