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Drawing fantasy art is a great way to stretch the imagination, as fantasy figures can have little or no correlation to the natural world. Learn to draw fantasy figures, using small pieces of reality that relate the viewer to the piece, with a demonstration from a professional cartoonist and illustrator with this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Alright folks in this clip I am going to teach you how to draw fantasy art. Drawing in the world of fantasy is a very very fun place to be creatively. There are a lot of possibilities obviously. The fact that it is fantasy means that there are literally no boundaries. You can create something that has absolutely no correlation between the real world and the world that you are creating. It can be the most bizarre unusual character or landscape that you can think of. There are basically no limits. However, when you are creating art and work for a fantasy story or a fantasy piece it is a good thing to, or a good thing to keep in mind is being able to relate to the piece especially if you were to present these characters of the story to an audience in the future. It is important that you sort of use aspects of reality and combine them with the idea for your fantasy so that people don't get too lost in just the madness of it. You can get all Picasso on them if you want to, draw characters that have absolutely no tangible shape or form that has anything to do with what we recognize in the world that we live in. It is best to incorporate the details of the real world such as body structure, face, hands and arms, body, legs, things like that. It is best to incorporate those things in with your fantasy design so that people will feel some sense of a connection. Otherwise, it is kind of hard to bring people in that way but don't let that stop you from thinking outside of the box because when you are drawing in the world of fantasy the sky is the limit.


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