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Using a fill flash on a point-and-shoot or a digital SLR is a good idea when conditions are sunny, as the fill flash will eliminate the dark shadows that appear in the eye sockets. Take better portraits using a fill flash with advice from a professional photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm John Budden with Shutter Priority Imaging Center and I am going to give you tips on using a fill flash. Fill flash, probably the most important thing to be taken into consideration on both style of cameras is the distance, the effective distance the flash can carry. Typically on point and shoots you only have about maybe ten feet during the day. Digital SLR the built in flashes you probably gain about five to eight feet so even in a camera like this fill flash will only work within eighteen feet of your subject. What is good about fill flash probably on a point shoot camera is to set your fill flash. Once it is set then you are going to go to your subject and the camera will pretty much take care of all of your needs automatically and the idea of this fill flash is you want to kind of illuminate your subject for example if you are at a picnic or something and you want your subjects, it is a bright sunny day and your subjects are in a pavilion in the shade, this way the camera will be able to use a flash to illuminate the shadows above the people underneath the canopy and then it gets this beautiful exposure all the way through so you don't have these dark shadows and stuff like that. Also fill flash is very good for taking pictures in bright sunlight to help get the eye sockets from being shadowed with the sun is kind of coming down in a real harsh kind of contrast the scenes. The same thing with your digital SLR you are going to be popping your flash and all that. Both cameras will pretty much set themselves up for this. One thing that flash fill is very effective for and the only time you really ever want to use this indoors is when you are posing people in front of a bright window where they are being back lit from the outside, then you can use flash fill in here in order to expose them correctly, that would be the only reason you would ever use flash fill indoors.


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