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Loading film into a camera is simple by feeding the leader through the slots, placing the film over the pegs and popping the canister into place. Load 35 millimeter film into a camera with advice from a professional photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's John Budden. I'm the owner of Shutter Priority Imaging Center. What we're going to talk about today is loading film. On 35 millimeter film, usually you'll get it like this. It has a leader, OK. You'll see a little cutout here. What were going to do here is we're going to open the back back door of the camera. We're going to open it. We're going to load the film in now. Typically, what you're going to be doin' is take this part of the film and put it around this peg right in here, your drivish. You're going to lay it. Make sure your canister's laid flat. Load your film over to here. You'll see, typically you'll see an orange thing over here. Most cameras have that. What you're going to do is make sure the film's layin' nice and flat. You're going to load shut the back door, as such. You're going to turn the power on in the camera. The camera should automatically advance to frame number one. And the camera is loaded and ready to take your first frame.


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