How to Make a Darkroom Bag

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Making a darkroom bag from scratch is a difficult task, as completely light-safe fabric must be used, and all seams and hems must be completely sealed. Consider purchasing a darkroom bag for as little as $40 with advice from a professional photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm John Budden with Shutter Priority Imaging Center. Today we are going to talk about how to make a darkroom bag. What I'll do is, basically a dark room bag, the purpose of a dark room bag is to be able to put something inside and it would be absolutely no light inside the bag. What we have here is I have a dark room bag here that is hem different sizes, this is a larger size but you can get them starting around $40.00 and up. The most important thing on a dark room bag is light type. Material is a nylon material. It's also rubber backed on the inside. No light shows through. It also has arm holes where you would put it in your hand where it would be rubber band tight so basically no light would come. So then you could work inside the dark room bag. To make one is pretty difficult to do. It is probably cheaper to buy one. Probably if your in a situation where you need light type the best thing to do is go to a bathroom in your house at night, turn all the lights off any where near this room. Shut the door and the way you test to see if it is dark enough is you stay in the room for five minutes, approximately five minutes, if you see no lights coming through the door it is safe to open up a camera or open up where the film is exposed at that point. To where you know that there is no light actually added to the film exposure. That's how I would recommend you do a dark room bag.


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