How to Develop Slide Film

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Developing slide film is extremely difficult to do at home, as it requires completely controlled temperature, but a professional slide developing machine regulates the temperature and supplies the chemicals in the right order. Develop film into a positive slide with advice from a professional photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is John Budden with Shutter Priority Imaging Center and I'm going to tell you how to develop slide film. Color slide film is a very difficult process to do at home. You have to have a complete controlled temperature especially during the development process. What we do here at Shutter Priority is we have a machine that controls our temperatures for us and also it supplies the chemistry in the right order. Typically, what you're going to do is just like a, I don't know if you've ever seen film loaded on reels before but we actually load the film on the reels. They go in to these light tight drums so we're loading film in complete total darkness. It goes in to a light tight drum, from there what we do is we place this drum with our film in the machine as such. From that point forward we just turn on the machine, we select our process of each set and it'll go through our development stage. We basically, in E six there is, what we have is a first developer which develops your film, then from there it goes to a second developer that makes your film a positive or a slide, that way we can look at it and we don't see a negative image but we see a positive image. From there it goes in to a bleach step, which replaces the silver highlight on the film to a color mask, so we get our color imaging. From there we go to a fixer. After fixer it goes through a series of washes and then finally we stay by to watch it, really fixes that image on to the slide which makes the slide last you know, up to a hundred years. And this is really how to do the six process here. Here again, it's very difficult to do these six because the temperature has to be within a hundred degrees plus or minus a half a degree in order to successfully process your E six film. And that's how you develop slide film.


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