How to Troubleshoot Electronic Drum Sets

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Electric drum sets can have a number of issues, and the first part of troubleshooting is to confirm that the power is on and the volume is up. Check if an electric drum set's triggers are all connected with help from an experienced drummer in this free video on drums and percussion.

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Video Transcript

How to troubleshoot an electronic drum set. So with all electronic drum sets, there's a lot of issues that can come up that just don't exist with an acoustic drum set. With an acoustic drum set, basically you just hit it and makes noise. But as you can see right now, this doesn't seem to be working. So the first thing you want to confirm is that the power is on, on your unit because unlike an acoustic drum set and electric drum set needs to be on. It needs to be powered up. This one is on. The other you want to make sure is that the volume is up which currently it's not on this unit. And with acoustic drums volume isn't something you have to worry about. But with electric drums it is. Now assuming that that's all working, if your drums aren't responding in the right way, meaning they're not working, what you're going to want to do is check that, number one the triggers are all connected. Electric drum sets work on a trigger system and if the trigger isn't connected properly with a stereo quarter inch cable like this one, then it's not going to work. Every piece on the drum set has to be connected with this cable. So we want to make sure that that's working. If they're still not working what you may actually have to do is bring the piece that isn't working in to be serviced. As you can see, it's not an actually drum. It's basically just a piece of electric piece of equipment and there's a lot of internal stuff that would just need to be brought to be repaired if it wasn't working properly. You also want to make sure, if you're not getting the right sound, that cables aren't pulled too tight. This particular cable here is about as tight as you would really want it. And if it was any tighter that this, it really might not be working because the ends can get pulled and they won't work properly. If all of those things, if everything is connected, volume is on, power's on and you're still not getting any sound, then it's the type of problem that probably lies somewhere inside either the individual pieces of the drum set or in the brain or the drum module and you'll probably have to bring them in to get serviced.


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