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Becoming a celebrity requires accomplishing a feat that grants newspaper, television or other media coverage to a point of public recognition. Get ideas about becoming a celebrity with advice from a professional actor, voice-over artist, director and writer in this free video on acting.

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Hi I'm Richard Rifkin and we're here at the Merlin Theater in Budapest, Hungary. And we're going to talk about how to become a celebrity. What a question. You know if you're not Paris Hilton, how do you become a celebrity? OK, Paris can go to a party and right away the paparazzi are there and everyone's snapping pictures but how do you become a celebrity if you're not from some giant family of hotel moguls and these kind of people? What do you do? OK in the twenties and the thirties people sat on flagpoles and ate goldfish and did crazy things just to get a little bit of that fame. But today, how are you going to do that? It's a good question. OK, becoming a celebrity means getting some sort of coverage in your newspapers, be it the local little town or the big city. Becoming a celebrity I'm sure is no easy thing, but I think first of all you have to do something, you have to get to some place where people start to recognize you. Say you have a large amount of money and you want to produce a movie and put yourself in as the star. Well it's very possible, Hollywood could be knocking at your door and saying hey, Joe Smith, you're a celebrity. There's a lot of different ways to maybe go about this, but most important I think is knowing who you are, knowing what you can do and accomplishing something so that you'll get coverage and become a celebrity or somebody famous within your community. Then maybe you can move up the ladder and go to the bigger cities and do something. Be it making films or being a sports celebrity, that's fine too. Do the best you can, be yourself, but if you want to be famous, try to do something that the other person next to you is either afraid to do, shy to do and just go for it. Become a celebrity, why not?


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