What Is Mini DV Memory?

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Mini DV memory is a tape store that is used by amateur and professional videographers alike. Film on a mini DV tape, and edit the footage on the computer easily, with information from a professional videographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is James Flint. I'm a videographer. I'm going to talk to you about mini DV tapes. Mini DV tapes are a tape store's device that are used in both consumer and prosumer cameras. It's probably the most popular form of a tape stores device for consumer and prosumer cameras. There are some great advantages to it, in that you can, you know, record onto your mini DV tape, label the tape and put it up on your shelf, and, you know, at any time you can go to that. You don't run the risk of losing a hard drive where it's stored, and....but there are some drawbacks at the same time. After you shoot onto a mini DV tape, if you need to edit in your computer, you have to import it into your computer in real time. So, if you shoot an hours worth of footage on a mini DV tape and then you want to edit it on your computer, it has to literally run for an hour as it's importing into your computer. They come in handy in that, you know, they're small stores devices. They are a digital format. It's not an analog format, so you can get really high quality sound and really high quality video. You do not have some of the features that you would have if you were shooting onto a memory card. A memory card allows you to, in some cases, store more information. If it's a large size memory card. It also allows you to get the information into your computer faster, but again, you run the risk of not having a hard backup, because you will probably end up recording something else over one of those memory cards. So, if you're buying a new camera, I would recommend getting something that has....that uses memory cards as opposed to a mini tape, but if you want to go with something besides a memory card, you definitely want to have a mini DV tape. So this is what a mini DV tape is and how it's used, and some of the pros and cons.


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