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Many movie props can be made out of latex, which is available at costume and cosmetic shops, and fake blood is always useful when making horror or action movies. Create movie props on a budget with information from a professional special effects technician in this free video on filmmaking.

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Video Transcript

I'm John P. Funk with Cosmic Funk Studio, and I'm going to talk to you on, how to make movie props. Today I'm going to discuss with you how to make a movie prop of a fake bloody face out of latex. And you start by getting your latex, which you can go to a makeup store or any kind of store where they sell different cosmetic and makeup supplies. And this is particularly the Ben Nye's color latex, which I went for red latex because it was already pre-colored, which we want this to be a bloody looking face, so it was easier to start with that. And, so anyway, we have our latex, and then I also bought a foam mannequin head at the Sally Beauty Supply Store, which is also where I can get some of my makeup and different stuff for doing the makeup effects, so, and it's very cheap, it's like 3 bucks for this head. So basically you would take this head and put it in the box, like I have here, and you would take your latex, and you would pour it all over the head. You have to let it dry for a day. So what ends up happening, is the latex dries on top of your foam head and forms this fake looking face. So you have to peel it off and cut it with scissors, and you can do some forming to it. If you want to get real adventurous you can take it off when it's still a little wet and it's kind of stretchy, and you can really get these cool effects, like the skin stretching and kind of peeling off. And then to even add insult to injury, you take our fake blood and you basically dip it in the fake blood. I actually made a pool of the fake blood, and set it in this little mold here, and just had it soaking over night for our effect. So when we shot the clip, which you will see, you see that the face hanging off of this lamp, with the fake blood dripping off, and it was very realistic looking. Most people were kind of grossed out by it. But it was a really cheap and easy way on making a horror movie prop.


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