What Does It Take to Be a Music Producer?

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A music producer needs to have an ear for what's popular in the music world, they need to use a variety of equipment to get specific sounds, and they need to know how to use editing systems. Discover how some producers take control of the entire post-production process with help from a music producer in this free video on music production.

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Video Transcript

So if you want to be a music producer there are a couple of things that you're going to need to know. Number one, you're going to have to have an ear for music. You're going to have to have an ear for what's hot and know what's happening and how to sometimes stand out from just every day average normal type of music and have your own, your special type of sound. Now, you have to know how to use different types of equipment to get your sounds into the system, your mixing board, your different mics. You're going to have to know how to hook these things up to the editing system and you're going to have to have artists, performers, or vocalists to be able to get your vocals in and so you have something to lay over the top of your tracks you may or may not create. There are different types of music producers. Some producers may in fact just produce the music, the beats, the different types of percussions and, you know the sounds that are made for each track that a vocalist will rap or sing over top of. Other producers may in fact produce the artists themselves where they take the music and they put the music together with the artist and the vocals and the editing, you know post production process. And that producer may even in fact take them to the next step by taking them to a label where they may in fact be affiliated with a label to take that artist to the next step and produce that artist and their CD. So all of those things are important when... if you want to know what it takes to become a music producer. Most importantly, you have to have the desire, you have to have the desire to gain the knowledge and you have to have your passion and determination and sometimes even persistence to keep going until it happens.


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