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In order to reduce video file sizes into acceptable LED formats, use a program such as Sony Vegas to select different render options. Edit videos to make them smaller for a Web site with help from a TV producer in this free video on editing videos.

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If you want to put your videos on your website odds are you are going to have to make those videos smaller than full blown videos. There are several types of programs out there that you can import your footage and you can actually reduce the size into acceptable LED formats. This product called Sony Vegas, Vegas is a registered trademark of Sony of which I am not affiliated but it is one of my favorite programs to use, allows you different render options. What we are going to do is go ahead and select our video, we are going to go to file, render as and in your drop down menu you can see Windows Media Video. We are going to select that and then come down to the drop down template and as you can see you have different options, 28.8 kilobits of video per second which is basically dial up, very slow, 56 k is also dial up access and then you have all the way up to 8 megabits per second which is high definition footage, 1080, 30 frames, video which is full video resolution. You also have 512, 256. What I like to do when I am making a video is generally render it out to 512 kilobits of video per second and you can name your file which will be My File and save. As you can see your video will render out and when it is all said and done you'll have a video that you can upload to your website so if you ever want to put a video on to your website remember bring it into your favorite editing program and render it out to the proper video size.


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