What Is Abstract Art?

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Abstract art encompasses several genres of art, but generally it is art that utilizes color, line and shapes to convey a message or a feeling instead of using a narrative of subject matters. Find examples of abstract art with information from an experienced artist in this free video on art.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Koorosh Angali, with angali.com. I'm going to give you some tips as to what we consider abstract art. Basically, if we drop the the natural shape of an object, and instead, we incorporate color, line, and other means to express our emotions rather than a storyline basically, we are dealing with an abstract art. Now, abstract art is a broad topic which can encompass a lot of different movements in art, from the the purely abstract works of Kandinsky and Mondrian to very meticulously painted canvases of Salvador Dali, who's a surrealist. And in between, the Bauhaus, which was created in Germany in 1919, is considered abstract art, and cubism is considered abstract art anyway. And so, when we say abstract art we are referring to a broad line of different kinds of art. In in some works the artists who especially are very much into music, as well as visual arts try to incorporate the music into their art. That means through the application of color, line, and so forth they are trying to express to the spectator what a piece of music can transmit into the mind of the spectator in an audio transmission. This is a visual, a visual transmission, so it's some sort of challenge for the artist to do that without using a normal and natural subject matter, as was the case in the realistic art in the landscape painting, in the still life painting. It's more philosophical approach to the art, and therefore, the most of the art which is created towards the end of the nineteenth century all the way to the twenty first century can can encompass abstract painting the the or abstract art, I'm sorry. Works of the minimalists is abstract art, and some of the conceptual artists, such as Frank Stella, Barnett Newman, who are still working in the twenty first century, they started in the twentieth century; all of that is is considered abstract art. And these different artists don't necessarily use the same kind of approach, or the same art approach, the the same art material. Some of them could be painters. Some of them could use ready-made objects like Marcel Duchamp did when he put that urinary in in in in in a gallery. So once again, abstract art is a broad topic that can encompass all these styles created at the end of, towards the end of the nineteenth century all the way to today that I am speaking with you.


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