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Do a '50s hairstyle by trying a scarf around the hair and creating bangs or by pulling the hair into a ponytail and back combing a pompadour in the front. Use hairspray and bobby pins to keep a 1950s pompadour in place with tips from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on hairstyles.

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Video Transcript

Well we're going to do 50's ladies hairstyles today and Nicole is modeling a simple easy, easy 50's style hairdo. Just simply finding a great scarf from the closet, pulling it out and tying it into the hair. A cute little side part with a little bit of bang action and just simply putting it onto your shoulders, you can roll it under if you'd like. You could pull it in half and braid it, all of these are cute little simple easy 50's hairstyles. So that's a really simple easy way to do a 50's hairstyle with just a scarf. Let me show you something a little bit more advanced. Of course the ponytail is always a good 50's ladies hairstyle but let's add a little bit of a pompadour hive to the front. You can do that as well with a French twist in the back, adding lots of height, just simply giving the 50's look even more period look with the hive in the front there. And so you just simply pull that top section out and do a little back combing. And that's just simply brining the hair back, really over direct forward too while you're pulling it back so that you really get that kind of rat nest look going on back there. But the more you do that, the more height you're going to get as you can see. So you're going to want to kind of evenly do that around the front of the hair there. Just quickly adding. Now remember you want to be able to undo your hair later on. This isn't supposed to be a permanent hairdo so you don't need to actually make it a rat nest, just simply adding some volume to bring out that great pompadour look. We just keep teasing that up. If you feel like you need to add a little hairspray, that's a good thing to do. Nicole's hair is very clean today so a little hairspray is always good on hair that is very clean. Always of course it's best to do 50's hairstyles or any up dos for that matter with dirty hair. Just simply styles more for you. So you're going to want to find those pieces that you pompadoured up, hived up. Now once you have those pieces pompadoured up, you can simply do a long hairdo by just simply leaving those pieces hanging down and just pushing that teased part forward and giving you a cute little pompadour look there and you can just simply leave the hair down and put a headscarf on that. We're going to give you a little bit of a ponytail. Let me show you an easy trick to doing that too. So once you've got a little bit of tease in there so you'll know you'll have some volume, get your hair all ready for your ponytail. Now once you've got your ponytail in, you're going to want to pull it out just a little bit and then you're going to push that stuff forward. Now once you've got it pushed forward, you only need two bobby pins. And you're going to hook onto that ponytail, you're going to push it up underneath and with the other one you're going to make a cute little X doing the same thing and that's going to lock you in that high pompadour. And if you really want some nice height, just go in with some more bobby pins and start building that up. And the sky is the limit for the height of the pompadour beehive. And the more you tease that piece and the more you push it forward, the higher that piece will come up. Bring in a little hairspray. Once again come in with your headscarf, tying it off, filling it in and possibly even adding some fun little accessories at the end to really give you a great 50's ponytail up do.


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