How to Create a Geisha Hairstyle

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Create a geisha hairstyle by leaving hair dirty, pulling out a centerpiece for interest, creating a lot of poof and keeping everything in place with hairspray. Use bobby pins to keep geisha hair in place, and add accessories with ideas from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on hairstyles.

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Video Transcript

How to create a Geisha Hairstyle. Well Geisha hairstyles can be a little tricky so if you're not really willing to play with hair this might be something that's a little out of your range but if you're creative and like playing with hair you can be very creative in this department as well so get your research done. You're going to want to look up some pictures of Geisha girls and their hairstyles and kind of decide which style is best for you. Now we're using Nicole's hair today and she has wonderfully clean hair. You're going to want to best do a Geisha hair style with some dirty hair just because the dirt and grime in it is going to give you something to work with a little bit easier than fresh clean hair will do for you but we're going to do something fun with Nicole's hair anyway, regardless of its cleanliness. Now we're going to take an interesting piece out of the center of Nicole's hair. I'm going to go ahead and pony tail that. This is going to be our decorative piece later on when we finish up our Geisha look. So you're going to want to just ignore that piece for the time being, do what you need to do to get it up out of your way. Now from there whatever your style may be, you can part it a million different ways. Some people may have bangs and you may have to work with that, whatever the deal is, find out where your parts are and where you want to start. I'm going to want to give a little bit of volume because most Geisha hair has a little bit of volume on the sides, even on the back, on the front, some of them are very elaborate all the way around. There is hairpieces out there that you can inset into the hair to pull up over them to really give you very much a volumized Geisha look. We're just going to do something simple though, nothing too crazy and wild. You are going to need to build up a little bit of volume as well so go in to your center of your hairline and start building up with just a little bit of teasing and you can see I am pulling some of the hair away and kind of working in the middle of the hair and that's because I don't want to see my teasing that I'm doing, using large bobby pins for your first part they're going to give you much more security. So you can see the hair likes to pull away particularly when it's clean and you just want to keep adding the spray, all those pieces will stick nice and smooth with each other. You are just going to want to start building your little poof. So you are going to want to hide some of these little end pieces or you're going to want to use them in your hairstyle as well. Now if things don't go exactly as planned making things up as you go is perfectly acceptable as well. Now Geisha hair always has interesting pieces so really just keep that in mind. We are going to build this piece up and give ourselves a little large curled up piece with a little bit of Geisha interest here, keep that hair spray on there to keep all those pieces together. Try to spray down the hair shaft versus up the hair shaft and that will definitely give you a better look as well. Just give yourself some interest and then go in and add some fun accessories. If you need to readjust the bobby pin you can do it. Lots of hair accessories are great. There you go, very creative, fun, Geisha and you would want to go ahead and finish this off with a little bit of spray also going in for your makeup, the white powder, some great Geisha lips. Give yourself a wonderful Geisha hairstyle.


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